The NICHOLAS AIR Story is the culmination of 25 years worth of hard work and dedication. Nicholas Correnti, the Founder and CEO of NICHOLAS AIR, tells the story of how our company came to be and what it has taken to succeed over the last 25 years. Our mission has remained the same since day one. We don’t strive to be the biggest— we will be the best.

From The Desk of Nicholas Correnti

“It is hard to imagine, but this year represents the 25th year since I began in aviation and started down the path of what NICHOLAS AIR has become today. As many of our Members know from their own ventures, building a business comes with the constant volley of lofty plans and ambitions that at times can be tempered by circumstances or unexpected events. From the onset, however, I made a promise to myself when founding this business that no matter the market conditions or obstacles, we would never waver from our commitment to our Members to provide a program built on safety, integrity, and premier customer service.

“Private aviation continues to see a trend upward in popularity and demand, but simply chasing the allure of revenue and new Members will never be what NICHOLAS AIR is about. Instead, I want to continue to prioritize “Quality Over Quantity” and see to it that the service experience and the onboard experience are never diminished. To accomplish this, we are meticulous about how our current fleet of aircraft are taken care of by the team to make sure you are setting foot onboard the best-maintained aircraft available. It also means that at the leadership level, we have committed ourselves to not providing our program to just everyone who is interested. By doing this, we preserve the integrity of the program and preserve our commitment to providing that comfortable flight to you and your guests. We stay focused on purchasing the right equipment that will exceed your expectations as opposed to purchasing airplanes that will just simply provide more lift to our fleet. We prioritize purchasing new aircraft and working directly with the manufacturers to ensure our average fleet age stays young, giving our Members access to the most technologically and ergonomically advanced aircraft in the industry, further enhancing your experience with us.

“There are a lot of moving parts in aviation and some are outside of a company’s control, but the things that we at NICHOLAS AIR can control are the same things that have consistently set our program apart. The level of customer service training our entire team receives plays a large part in why our Members consistently heap praise upon our team. The way we responsibly and analytically approach growth reassures our Members that we are careful to not grow beyond our ability to deliver on the promises of quality and reliability. We hold these values in high regard and they, together with the personalized feedback from our Members, are what drive our business forward.

“Two and a half decades later, I am proud to see that NICHOLAS AIR continues to deliver on our core pillars each and every day. Our team here is arguably the best set of aviation and service professionals in the industry and I am amazed by the new ways they continue to innovate and push our brand forward. But no matter what team we have here, NICHOLAS AIR is not the company it is without our Members. Our Members are the backbone to our brand and the reason for all we do. I couldn’t begin to express the amount of gratitude that I have for your business and your continued support of our program and company. With each Member and each new referral we get, I am further humbled by what our company has become. From those early plans for NICHOLAS AIR back in a hangar in Northeast Arkansas, to what goes on each day in our state-of-the-art headquarters and Member Operations Center in Oxford, MS, our sole mission remains— to be the best private air travel program and not the biggest.”