Citation CJ3+

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Maximum Range 1,875 Miles
Cruise Speed 480 MPH
Cabin Capacity 8 Passengers
Cabin Height 4ft. 9in.
Cabin Length 15ft. 8in.
Cabin Width 4ft. 10in.
Baggage Capacity 65ft. (cubic)


The Cessna Citation CJ3+ brings to the NICHOLAS AIR fleet its sterling record of reliability, efficiency, and comfort and is known as the largest, fastest, most advanced aircraft of its kind. With an improved ability to operate in and out of shorter runways, the CJ3+ lands perfectly in the NICHOLAS AIR fleet. The CJ3+’s ultra-quiet cabin is equipped with wireless high-speed internet, an enclosed lavatory, and six adjustable Captain’s chairs for enhanced comfort.

  • An Upgrade From the Phenom 100 Ideal for Both Short and Mid-Range Flights
  • Incredibly Reliable Without Sacrificing Productivity or Comfort
  • Can Travel Up to 1,875 Miles at a Cruise Speed of 480 MPH
  • Interior Cabin Height of 4 ft. 9 in.
  • Spacious Cabin with Seating for up to 8 Passengers

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The NICHOLAS AIR fleet has an average age of five years and includes Pilatus PC-12, Phenom 100, Citation CJ3+, Phenom 300, Citation Latitude, Challenger 350, and Gulfstream G600 aircraft. We Own and Operate our fleet and employ our pilots to ensure your flight is always a consistent and elevated experience. Let us help you select the best aircraft for your mission, while you enjoy the ability to interchange between all aircraft within our entire fleet.

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