NICHOLAS AIR CEO Boarding Citation Latitude Private Jet

Why Mississippi

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Why Mississippi?” Well, the answer is simple:

For our Members, being in Mississippi means that our heritage of Southern Hospitality is embedded in the hearts of the hard-working men and women that call Nicholas Air home. Our culture of service excellence, combined with an unwavering commitment to integrity, accountability, and honesty, means that our team is focused on one thing: Our Members. There is a passion that exudes from our people here, all of whom take their commitment to our clients and their families very seriously.

For our Operation, being in Mississippi means we are centrally located in the heart of private air travel, with nearly 90% of the nation’s private travel occurring within a 1,000-mile radius of our headquarters, well within the range of our entire fleet of jets. From here, we can easily dispatch our aircraft, our maintenance team, and our corporate team to locations around the country to be front and center with our Members and our fleet in short notice.

Oxford City Squary | Citation Latitude | Pilatus PC-12 at Sunset

For our People, the ones who make Nicholas Air the most respected private aviation in the country, Mississippi represents great opportunity. There is a quality of life available here that isn’t found in the big cities. They buy bigger homes with more land, all for a fraction of the cost in big cities. They raise a family in a place known for its great values, its manners, and its credo of helping its neighbors. Furthermore, they get to spend more time with their families, without having the hassle of the endless traffic or the constant hustle found elsewhere. Many members of our team here at Nicholas Air have come to Mississippi from elsewhere in the country to be able to enjoy all of the wonderful things this state holds for them and their families.

On a larger scale, we welcome to Mississippi the many large multinational corporations that have moved into the state for the same reasons we have called this home. Those companies value the hardworking nature of the South and see the immediate benefit to their business. We are proud to be headquartered in Mississippi, a place with unlimited potential, incredible people, and the home of Innovative Private Air Travel.