Maximum Range 6,600 Miles
Cruise Speed 690 MPH
Cabin Capacity 13 Passengers
Cabin Height 6ft. 2in.
Cabin Length 45ft. 2in.
Cabin Width 7ft. 7in.
Baggage Capacity 175ft. (cubic)


As one of the fastest business jets in the world, the Gulfstream G600 delivers you and your guests to your destination not only faster than most, but you do so in the very best the world has to offer in luxury, space, and comfort. The Gulfstream G600 was designed for worldwide travel but provides that same renowned reputation for domestic flights as well. The sheer ramp presence speaks volumes, but the onboard experience is where the G600 sets itself apart. Award-winning for its style and functionality, the G600 boasts abundant natural lighting throughout the cabin to complement the ultra-quiet onboard acoustics, reducing fatigue and making it truly the world’s most comfortable cabin for your enjoyment.

This aircraft has seating for 13 passengers, making it ideal for Winter ski trips, Spring Break travel, or family and corporate travel. In-flight, the G600 features a state-of-the-art flex wing, which equates to less turbulence and a smoother ride, all controlled through the most advanced flight deck in the industry. With a cabin altitude of 3,500 feet, you arrive more refreshed than other airframes whose cabin altitude is at 5,000 feet or more. All in all, the G600 is the perfect option no matter whether the mission is two hours up the Atlantic coast, from the beach to the ranch, or for a quiet and comfortable coast-to-coast journey.

  • Double zone cabin offering maximum space and privacy
  • Wide, panoramic windows for enhanced natural light
  • Global reach, with a flight range of nearly 6,600 miles
  • Designed as the quietest cabin in private aviation

Luggage Capacity

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The NICHOLAS AIR fleet has an average age of five years and includes Pilatus PC-12, Phenom 100, Citation CJ3+, Phenom 300, Citation Latitude, Challenger 350, and Gulfstream G600 aircraft. We Own and Operate our fleet and employ our pilots to ensure your flight is always a consistent and elevated experience. Let us help you select the best aircraft for your mission, while you enjoy the ability to interchange between all aircraft within our entire fleet.

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