The highest compliment we receive is when our clients share their experiences with friends, family and business colleagues. We value our reputation and understand there are many options available for private air travel and appreciate the Members who have helped establish our elite club of clientele. We exist because of you and your experience propels us.  Please enjoy the following reviews & testimonials from our customers.

What Members are saying about us

“When it comes to our private air travel needs, we love NICHOLAS AIR. Their attention to detail and personal service is the absolute best, they feel like family.” – Nicole Kidman, Actress

“The quality of service and professionalism I’ve experienced with NICHOLAS AIR has far exceeded my expectations of private air travel. Whatever my demanding schedule requires, I am confident every detail will be handled flawlessly. The BLUE Jet Card provides me with full access to the fleet, ensuring I have the appropriate aircraft for each flight. When it comes to private air travel, NICHOLAS AIR is the best.” – Eli Manning, NFL Quarterback – New York Giants | BLUE Jet Card Member
“Wherever my family and I travel, NICHOLAS AIR always has the perfect aircraft for every trip. The staff and flight crews are a pleasure to work with and really exude southern hospitality at its best. There are many options available these days, but I’m confident I made the right decision when I chose NICHOLAS AIR” – Archie Manning, Former NFL Quarterback – New Orleans Saints | BLUE Jet Card Member

“Hey, I’m finally in a winning game plan with Archie and Eli Manning – our shared enthusiasm for NICHOLAS AIR.” – Tom Brokaw | BLUE Jet Card Member

“As a professional golfer, my life is a balancing act. Traveling up to 40 weeks a year for tournaments and other commitments can really take its toll. With NICHOLAS AIR, I can get where I need to be safely and comfortably, while saving time and energy. I’ve learned that finding a few extra hours to practice and rest can make all the difference for me. What really sets NICHOLAS AIR apart is the professionalism and customer service. The staff and crew pay close attention to my needs and give me complete peace of mind that my travels will go smoothly wherever the destination. In a sport where every shot counts, it’s nice to have experts like that in my corner.” – Daniel Berger, Pro Golfer | NICHOLAS AIR Member

“Our experience and relationship with NICHOLAS AIR has been nothing less than exceptional. We are able to focus on our business while trusting them to manage our aircraft and care for every detail. Through their network, we save substantially in operational costs for fuel, maintenance, and insurance. The highly trained, personally assigned NICHOLAS AIR crew is always available and presents themselves in a very professional manner. We enjoy working directly with Team BLUE and appreciate the elite level of customer service they provide us with on a daily basis. We place a high value on safety and integrity, and NICHOLAS AIR has earned our trust and confidence.” – Aaron Walters, Altar’d State | Aircraft Management Member
“Maya and I have been very pleased with your team.  We have now flown on each model aircraft and while they are outstanding, the professionalism and attitude of both the in-flight crew and the flight booking department have exceeded our experiences with other providers. Please be sure to pass along our positive feelings, as too often today, only negative reviews are conveyed. Your team is delivering what was promised in your marketing materials and I wanted to let you know it.” – Joseph E. White III, Esq. | BLUE Jet Card Member

“I greatly appreciate the Jet Card hours NICHOLAS AIR has donated to me allowing access to their awesome fleet throughout my tour. Life on tour and traveling venue to venue can be challenging, but with NICHOLAS AIR, I fly in comfort and on my own schedule. They help me make the most efficient use of my time – especially those days when I need to get home quickly to spend more time with my family. I appreciate that NICHOLAS AIR is a Christian based company and that we share many of the same values. I couldn’t ask for a better company or more accommodating and upbeat group of people to handle my most pressing travel needs. The pilots are extremely professional and my personal travel representatives handle every detail flawlessly. It truly has made a difference for me and my family, and has given us the opportunity to spend more time together.” – Chris Tomlin, Platinum Christian Recording Artist | BLUE Jet Card Member

“Since becoming Members, we’ve been impressed by the outstanding services NICHOLAS AIR provides. We’ve found the BLUE Jet Card to be the most flexible and efficient option for our travel schedule. It takes just one call to TEAM BLUE to schedule our next flight and one of our personal travel representatives handles all of the details. The Pilatus PC-12 is our primary aircraft, although having access to the Phenom Jets gives us flexibility and added efficiency. Their service is par to none and availability is never in doubt. They’ve earned our trust and confidence and we highly recommend their service.” – Edwin & Mary Watts | BLUE Jet Card Members

“Butler and I can fly anywhere with NICHOLAS AIR.  My BLUE Jet Card gives me the flexibility I need to ensure I’m in the most efficient aircraft for my travels. The safety, comfort, and convenience provided by NICHOLAS AIR is exceptional.” – Dr. Antonio DiSclafani | BLUE Jet Card Member
Dr. Discalfani Nicholas Air