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Our promise is to provide Members the most innovative, efficient, and flexible private jet membership services and jet card programs in the industry. We work diligently to sustain a balanced membership base while offering unparalleled access to our fleet. From door to door, our Members experience hassle-free and highly personalized private air travel. The passion, experience, and dedication of our staff is proven through a 98% renewal rate as we not only meet but exceed Member expectations.

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Member Locations & Destinations

NICHOLAS AIR operates at over 9,000 airports across the U.S., and many more in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Access to a vast number of airports means more flexibility for you, as well as the ability to land that much closer to your destination. Our ground crew and flight team will ensure a flawless experience so you reach your destination relaxed and ready for business, competition, or pleasure.

Your Jet Is Ready®

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Our Planes. Our Pilots.

Unlike other private jet companies, at NICHOLAS AIR, we own and operate our entire fleet and employ our pilots. Members choose from a fleet with an average aircraft age of 5 years or younger, and enjoy an exceptional level of quality and service, on the ground and in the air. This is the NICHOLAS AIR difference and ensures we continue to deliver unparalleled safety, reliability, flexibility, and convenience to our Members.

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Discover why NICHOLAS AIR is the best kept secret in private aviation. Our private air travel programs and diverse fleet of aircraft are designed to suit your needs. We invite you to click below to learn more about the NICHOLAS AIR difference.

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