Challenger 300/350

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Maximum Range 3,567 Miles
Cruise Speed 541 MPH
Cabin Capacity 9 Passengers
Cabin Height 6ft. 1in.
Cabin Length 28ft. 7in.
Cabin Width 7ft. 2in.
Baggage Capacity 127ft. (cubic)


The Bombardier Challenger 300/350 is a true executive office for the skies, with its high levels of performance, large interior cabin, and extensive in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Challenger 300/350 comes equipped with a spacious stand-up lavatory, ample cabin space, and an internal pressurized baggage compartment. An agile performer, the refined Challenger 300/350 was built to provide outstanding reliability and maintain its unsurpassed value over time while ensuring the ultimate in passenger comfort.

  • Trans-Continental Range for True Coast-to-Coast Capabilities
  • Executive Interior with 8 Adjustable Plush Leather Captain’s Chairs
  • Can Travel Up to 3,567 Miles at a Cruise Speed of 541 MPH
  • Interior Cabin Height of 6 ft. 1 in.
  • Super Midsize Cabin with Seating for up to 9 Passengers

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