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Understanding Private Jet Rental Cost

Customer demand for private jet charters has grown exponentially over the last few years. As commercial flights became limited, inconsistent, and unreliable, customers looked to private jet rental as a travel option for the first time. Now, with multiple commercial airlines in disarray and other global issues affecting travel, we’re seeing that trend continue.

If you are new to private aviation and would like to know more about private jet rental costs, we’ve put together this handy article to help understand the price of your private jet journey and popular ways to pay for private jet travel.

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What are the Different Costs of Private Jet Rentals?

Most people worry about the costs of private jet rental. However, it is essential to note that every trip has variable costs, and there are numerous ways to pay for a private jet charter (which we’ll cover in just a moment). The two most common rental options are one-off charter trips that will have a one-way or round trip price, or our favorite, a membership-based program that deducts flight cost from a bulk of purchased hours or a deposit.

The price depends on numerous factors. For example, a charter company might consider the aircraft type, trip duration, landing fees, repositioning legs, the time between flights, crew costs, fuel costs, the mark-up for third-party services, and more.

In our case, NICHOLAS AIR membership cost is all-in and based on the associated aircraft’s hourly rate. That rate is determined by how many hours are purchased, or how much funds are deposited. In addition, travelers need to understand that the market is fragmented, so there will be numerous market-specific factors that affect the fee at other operators, such as supply and demand.

How Do You Pay for a Private Jet Rental?

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways you can pay for private jet rentals. These include:

  • On-Demand Charter: The most common way to pay for private jet rental; travelers pay for a one-off trip on a specific plane for a single fee. The cost per flight tends to be highly inflated due to third-party, and other convenience fees.
  • Purchasing a Seat on a Private Jet: Sometimes, jet owners or charter companies will sell a ticket for a single seat on a private jet, which can be surprisingly affordable. This may not be as easy to obtain as a commercial flight ticket, but it could be a suitable option in the rare cases a private jet is going close to your desired destination.
  • Jet Shares: Jet Shares are similar to Fractional Jet Ownership. A traveler pays a fixed-term contract with a company for a specific number of hours on their preferred jet. This comes with numerous incentives, just like other owned assets. You will need to pay monthly fees, but there are no hidden extras, and you’ll always know exactly what you are paying for. You can find out about our Jet Share options here.
  • Jet Card Membership Programs: A Jet Card program is a private jet membership with a specific aviation company. Often, travelers will deposit funds (typically $150K-$350K) or pay for a certain number of hours (typically between 15-100) for specific or multiple aircraft. Then, those funds or hours are deducted from their balance after they’ve completed a scheduled trip. Find out about our Jet Card options here.

Rent a Private Jet With NICHOLAS AIR’s Membership Program

As you can see, there are numerous ways to pay for a private jet rental and many things to consider about how much you’ll pay for private aviation. To learn more about NICHOLAS AIR’s Jet Card membership programs and to view our pricing, contact a Personal Travel Representative today. We are always happy to help.