Jet Lease

Private Jet Lease

The Jet Lease Program is ideal for more frequent fliers who travel over 100 hours per year. The Jet Lease provides access to our fleet through a monthly payment system offering financial flexibility. Choose the aircraft that best suits your travel needs with the ability to easily interchange aircraft types.

Monthly Lease Fee

Your monthly lease fee is based on the size of share you desire and term of lease. Lease shares start at 100 annual hours with rates locked in for 12 or 24-month terms. The lease fee covers indirect operation costs, including crew, hangar, insurance, and support staff.

Occupied Hourly Fee

The hourly fee covers flight operating costs and you will only be charged for flight hours for which you or your guests occupy the aircraft.

(Additional fees may include federal excise tax, airport fees, and international fees for travel outside of the U.S.)


  • No Re-Positioning Fees
  • Exclusive Fleet Access
  • Bulk Hourly Rates
  • No Asset Acquisition
  • Interchange Between Aircraft Types
  • Maximize Cash Flow
  • Simple Monthly Fee
  • Low Hourly Rates Based on Aircraft Type Preferred
  • One Hour Daily Minimum
  • Guaranteed Availability


Pilatus PC-12

Phenom 100


Phenom 300



Who provides the aircraft used in the NICHOLAS AIR Jet Card program?
NICHOLAS AIR is the owner and operator of all aircraft in the Jet Card program. NICHOLAS AIR is the direct air carrier that maintains full operational control over flights at all times. NICHOLAS AIR holds an ARGUS and Wyvern safety rating. ARGUS and Wyvern are a worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines.

Does it cost extra for fuel or the flight crew?

No, there are no additional costs for fuel or the flight crew.

Is there an hourly or daily minimum for a NICHOLAS AIR Jet Card?

The daily minimum is 1 hour.

Can Members schedule the use of multiple aircraft on the same day?

Yes, unlike most other private jet services, Jet Card Members may schedule multiple aircraft on the same day.

Who do I call to arrange my flights?

Each Jet Card Member enjoys 24/7/365 access to a NICHOLAS AIR Personal Travel Representative who will take care of all flight reservations and special requests.

Is taxi time added?

Jet Card Members are billed only for the flight time they occupy the aircraft plus a flat 6 minutes for taxi in and out time.

How many passengers can the aircraft accommodate?

The NICHOLAS AIR fleet can accommodate the following number of passengers in each aircraft type: Pilatus PC-12 – up to eight passengers, Phenom 100 – up to six passengers, Citation CJ3 – up to eight passengers, Phenom 300 & Citation Latitude – up to nine passengers. If you would like to bring luggage such as skis, golf bags, etc. please notify your NICHOLAS AIR Personal Travel Representative so that the crew may plan accordingly.

How long is my rate guaranteed?

Your hourly rate is guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

Is catering or ground transportation provided by NICHOLAS AIR?

Yes, complimentary concierge services for catering, ground transportation, hotel reservations, etc. are provided as an added value benefit to jet card Members. Special requests may be made to your Personal Travel Representative at the time of booking.

Am I covered by a NICHOLAS AIR insurance policy?

Yes, liability limits between 20 million and 200 million are available, depending on your needs.

What is the cancellation policy?

Only if NICHOLAS AIR incurs an expense will a cancellation fee be imposed. Some programs offer as little as 12 hours notice prior to takeoff in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

Are there international fees when traveling to destinations outside the United States?

Trips that arrive at or depart from locations outside of the United States are subject to international fees. The international fees vary based on the location.

Contact one of our aviation experts at 866.935.7771 to learn more about the NICHOLAS AIR Jet Lease Program.