NICHOLAS AIR Squadron Patch

History of the NICHOLAS AIR Squadron Patch

The NICHOLAS AIR brand is stitched with historical references to our company’s beginnings. Despite an eye toward the future of the company and all of the great places the company is headed, the history of the brand and remembering the pieces of our brand throughout the years is equally important.

One such symbol of those beginnings is the NICHOLAS AIR squadron patch, featuring an alternate logo that is seen throughout the community and worn on the clothes of a very special group of people—our NICHOLAS AIR team. The squadron patch is the outward symbol that someone has earned the right to work at NICHOLAS AIR and that each day continues to prove they are the top of the industry in knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Out on the town, the squadron patch is a great sense of pride for our team and as we’ve continued to grow our team, seeing a patch helps someone easily identify who works with in the NICHOLAS AIR family. For those who are new to the NICHOLAS AIR team, it’s a further symbol that says, “welcome home.”

NICHOLAS AIR Squadron Patches

But why a patch? The NICHOLAS AIR patch pays homage to our brand’s days in Columbus, MS, home to the US Air Force’s Columbus AFB and the 14th Flying Training Wing. With our own patch, we remember our time in Columbus while simultaneously remembering and honoring the men and women of the 14th who defend our nation and are becoming the next set of great American aviators.