Nicholas Air Gulfstream G600

NICHOLAS AIR Announces Gulfstream G600 Fleet Addition & The STEEL JET Membership Program

We are excited to announce the addition of the Gulfstream G600 to our growing fleet of Owned and Operated private aircraft. The Gulfstream G600, widely known as the ultimate in private jet luxury, marks NICHOLAS AIR’s entry into the ultra-long-range market and worldwide dispatch and operational capabilities. The aircraft has seating for up to 13 passengers aboard the state-of-the-art platform. The cabin of the G600 features whisper-quiet technology, a lower cabin altitude, and the largest windows in its class, allowing for an unmatched luxury experience that leaves the passenger with a smoother flight and a more relaxing, restful, restorative journey.

With the addition of the G600 to our fleet, NICHOLAS AIR Founder and CEO, NJ Correnti, reaffirms our company’s commitment to keep growing responsibly, but ambitiously.

“Over the years, we’ve been incredibly analytical when it comes to fleet growth, so the expansion into the Gulfstream platform is one that took deep thought and analysis. To welcome an aircraft of this caliber to our program is a testament to our responsible growth, our corporate stability, and due to our corporate structure, our ability to stay nimble and opportunistic in the market.”

Nicholas Correnti, Founder and CEO

Seeing a defined place within the market, Correnti notes the interest the airplane has received to date as well, stating, “An aircraft like this is simply not available in the market. You may find the older Gulfstream series aircraft available for charter or in a brokered jet card, however not the new G600 series which is in a league of its own. Being the only company in the nation offering the new series Gulfstreams in a jet card format now gives options to consumers who do not want to spend $6+ million for a fractional share to gain access. This new program is also great for those tired of whole aircraft ownership, or that simply need access to large cabin options for certain trips. The new program is something we are very excited about as we hear from our Members their desires to utilize NICHOLAS AIR over their current large cabin providers.”

To access the G600, we have designed the all new STEEL JET program, combining the renowned NICHOLAS AIR flight program and the new NICHOLAS LIFESTYLE portfolio, giving our Members access to a wide range of custom homes, experiences, and amenities that are complimentary within the new STEEL JET program.

10 River Rock

“Being able to add additional benefits to our already popular flight program and now add access to properties owned and operated by the NICHOLAS Team makes our brand experience even more unique. For our Members, they get the comfort of knowing that what they love about their NICHOLAS AIR program can now extend to their time on the ground in one of our properties as well.”

Nicholas Correnti, Founder and CEO

To learn more about the new Gulfstream G600 and the STEEL JET Program, we invite you to reach out to a Personal Sales Representative for more details and pricing information.