How NICHOLAS AIR Sets The Standard For Longterm Success In Private Aviation

Private aviation has undoubtedly seen a great spike in demand over the past thirty-six months largely due to shifting travel habits of those with the means to fly private, but few brands have been able to showcase their ability to grow and be sustainable over a longer period of time. One of those very few brands is boutique private jet company NICHOLAS AIR, who this Fall enters the 26th year since its Founder and CEO Nicholas Correnti began his career in aviation.


“We are very smart about deploying our resources and very tactical about how we approach the market. We research, we analyze, we make decisions that are financially sound from the onset so that you don’t become overexposed. The industry overall is notorious for chasing the next big thing and spending big dollars in that pursuit, but that is not part of our DNA here. Our company has been built, is built, and always will be built on financial security and stability.”


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