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NICHOLAS AIR aligns with The Outdoor Group Inc.

NICHOLAS AIR has been named as the private air travel of choice for The Outdoor Group, Inc.. The Outdoor Group, Inc. are experts in providing an all inclusive personal and private luxury concierge service for the affluent sporting traveler. They are uniquely positioned and committed to providing their clients with the highest level of products and services and NICHOLAS AIR is looking forward to offering private air travel for their clients.

Nicholas Correnti, NICHOLAS AIR president, comments, “NICHOLAS AIR is excited to begin this unique partnership with The Outdoor Group, Inc. Our clients enjoy an exceptional experience each time they fly with us, and we look forward to forming new and lasting relationships with the hunters and sportsmen who depend on The Outdoor Group for their sporting adventures.”

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich says, “I believe in partnering with the best talent and leading by example. Our zest for life and commitment to providing more value than expected has served us well.” Mr. Svetich also comments, “A lifetime of hard work and sacrifice has earned our discerning clients the right to enjoy a sporting lifestyle that demands only the finest things. Air travel is no exception. One of our divisions “Celebrity Sporting Concierge…The Art of Fine Adventures” services our celebrity clientele and affluent sporting traveler to the most elite sporting destinations around the globe. We are proudly partnered with only the most trusted names in the travel industry including our new partner, NICHOLAS AIR, Inc.”

To learn more about The Outdoor Group, Inc. visit their website at The Outdoor Group Inc. .