NICHOLAS AIR Headquarters

New Nicholas Air Headquarters & Operations Center

This took planning, but more than that, it took thousands of hours to build. Thousands of hours in the air, backed by thousands of hours on the ground, all from a team of dedicated aviation professionals.

It started with a blueprint—the roadmap from where we were, to where this company always knew it should be. Like every flight plan and every trip here at Nicholas Air, the dedication and attention to detail starts from proper preparation. Nothing happens by accident, but rather through the collaboration of a team, all with a voice, and all who come to the table with ideas of how to augment the customer and team experience.

And so we built.

Stud by stud, wall by wall, until the framework and roadmap were laid out perfectly in front of us. Over 15,000 square feet of space carefully planned to provide operational excellence and total situational awareness with 120 of the industry’s best aviation professionals walking through its doors, eager to hone their craft. Over 44,000 feet of data cable ensure that in every corner of our home, we stay connected, enabling us to better serve our Members at a moment’s notice.

Nicholas Air Operations Center

It didn’t take long for our Members to notice and for word to get out that no detail was overlooked in this space. It is looked at with awe and envy. It is looked at day and night with curiosity as to what we do inside these walls, and it is regarded as simply the nicest workspace between Dallas and Atlanta.

As we move into this new era for Nicholas Air, we are incredibly grateful for everyone that has made this possible. Whether they’ve been with us for 10 days or 10 years, our Members continue to be our primary focus and our mission will continue to be the same as it has been since day one. To provide a highly personalized and unique private air travel experience. Making a difference in the lives of our Members by maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.