Citation Latitude

Up To: 513 MPH | 9 PASSENGERS | 2,950 MILES

Interactive Cabin Tour

The Citation Latitude offers the most spacious and elegant environment in its class of mid-size jets.  With a stand-up cabin and flat floor, the Latitude is built at 6 feet tall, 77 inches wide, and more than 21 feet long.

  • Jet Card hours available
  • Great combination of beauty, comfort, range and power that transcends other mid-size aircraft
  • Wide, stand-up flat-floor cabin
  • Seating for up to 9 passengers
  • Class-leading high-capacity baggage compartment
  • Large windows optimally located for viewing throughout cabin
  • Two high powered turbofan engines propel you to cruising speed and altitude quickly and smoothly


Maximum Range 2,950 miles
Cruise Speed 513 mph
Cabin Capacity 9 passengers
Cabin Height 6 ft.
Cabin Width 6 ft. 5 in.
Cabin Length 21 ft. 9 in.
Baggage Capacity 127 ft. (cubic)
Citation Latitude Seating


Citation Latitude Configuration



*Baggage capacity is not guaranteed. Please contact your NICHOLAS AIR Travel Representative regarding the luggage capacity for your specific trip.

*Performance is based on standard conditions, zero wind with no runway or temperature restrictions, and NICHOLAS AIR’s standard fuel reserves. Actual flight range, cruise speed, and performance will vary with payload, wind and weather conditions, and ATC (Air Traffic Control). Aircraft illustrations are not to scale. Baggage capacity is not guaranteed and all data is subject to change without notice. Please contact your NICHOLAS AIR aviation expert regarding any questions.