Cessna Caravan Exterior with Cargo Bays Open

Nicholas Air
Custom Courier

As an additional benefit, NICHOLAS AIR offers Custom Courier services for our Members. With the help of the latest addition to the NICHOLAS AIR fleet, the Cessna Caravan EX, this allows them the ability to move precious cargo safely, and securely with ease across the country.

Cessna Caravan in Hangar with American Flag behind

Cessna Caravan EX

The Cessna Caravan EX has been engineered for these types of missions. With its high payload, short runway capability, and overall performance as a utility aircraft, we are able to get everything closer to its final destination faster, all while reducing the amount of handling necessary to secure your items.

NICHOLAS AIR Empty Leg Map Illustration

Expedient Efficiency

The Custom Courier services offered exclusively by NICHOLAS AIR allow our Members to easily and efficiently transport objects that would otherwise be difficult, financially unreasonable, or a logistical nightmare to relocate. Our crews handle all the fine details, just as we do in all our private travel services, and you can rest assured that your assets will be treated as if they were our own.

Cessna Caravan Empty Cargo Interior

Courier Advantages

  • Move Certain Items or Your Entire Home
  • Secure Relocation of Business Assets
  • Safe Transport of Valuable Cargo
  • Animal Transport
  • Time Sensitive Deliveries
  • Large Pre-Assembled Parts

How Can We Help?

Our mission to better serve our Members is always on our minds. If you'd like to discuss an upcoming courier project, please click the link below to contact Team BLUE and they will be in touch shortly.

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