The NICHOLAS AIR Advantage


Founded in 1997, NICHOLAS AIR provides high-quality, personalized service with simple, efficient, and cost-effective private air travel solutions.


NICHOLAS AIR is a boutique private jet club delivering unparalleled safety, reliability, flexibility, and convenience to our Members. We own and operate our fleet, employ our pilots, and ensure an elite level of quality for our Members. Choose from a fleet that has an average aircraft age under 5 years, and enjoy an exceptional level of personal service, on the ground and in the air. With as little as 10 hours’ notice, your jet is ready. Enjoy traveling in the most advanced private jets available with bespoke service specific to your travel needs.

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As an accident-free operator since inception over 23 years ago, NICHOLAS AIR has flown over 300,000 safe and successful flights. We are ARGUS, WYVERN and IS-BAO registered, displaying our dedication to safety. However, we don’t stop there. In addition to providing Members with a newer fleet, which dramatically increases safety and reliability, all aircraft are maintained by the factory authorized service centers, who have the best knowledge and understanding of the aircraft systems. We spare no expense to do whatever it takes to ensure you, your family, and your guests are safe.


NICHOLAS AIR is the owner and operator of all aircraft in the fleet. This ensures the highest level of safety and quality control. As the direct operator, we are set apart from many of our competitors in reliability and efficiency. NICHOLAS AIR Members enjoy direct access to our exclusive private fleet of Pilatus PC-12s, Phenom 100, Citation CJ3, Phenom 300, Citation Latitude, and Challenger 300 jets which have an average aircraft age under 5 years.


NICHOLAS AIR pilots are full-time employees with an average of 7,500+ hours. Each pilot is assigned and dedicated to a specific aircraft type, which dramatically improves the crew’s cockpit awareness and knowledge of the aircraft. Rigorous training standards, combined with continuous education, ensures we far exceed the industry standard. All pilots undergo bi-annual training at the aircraft manufacturers’ approved schools such as Flight Safety International.

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From door to door, your experience at NICHOLAS AIR will be hassle-free and highly personalized. The passion, experience, and dedication of our staff allow us to not only meet but exceed, Members’ expectations. The ability to interchange between six new aircraft types enables our Members to utilize their hours more efficiently than any other program in the industry. 98% of our Members repurchase hours, while 85% of new sales are Member referred. We are proud of the reputation we have built and enjoy sharing the passion we have with our Members.

Summary Of Exclusive
Membership Benefits

  • Members Only Program
  • The Reliability of 22+ Years of Private Air Travel Experience
  • Argus, Wyvern, and IS-BAO Safety Protocols
  • Exclusive Private Fleet Average Aircraft Age Under 5 Years
  • Highly Trained and Skilled Pilots With an Average of 7,500+ Hours
  • Direct Owner and Operator
  • 24/7/365 NICHOLAS AIR Personal Travel Representatives
  • Schedule A Flight And Receive A Detailed Itinerary Within Minutes
  • Members Have the Flexibility to Make Last Minute Flight Changes
  • The Ability to Interchange Between Six Aircraft Types Gives Our Members Access to 9,000+ Airports in the U.S. Alone, Getting You Closer to Your Destinations
  • Proprietary Procedures to Ensure the Privacy of Your Flight is Never Compromised
  • Guaranteed Availability