Jet Program Comparisons

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NICHOLAS AIR offers a private jet membership club that provides you with immediate access to an exclusive fleet of new Pilatus PC-12s,  Phenom 100s, Phenom 300s, and Citation Latitude jets. Choose from one of our flexible and cost effective  Jet CardsJet Lease, Jet Share or Aircraft Management programs and leave the rest to us.

NICHOLAS AIR Program Comparison

BLUE Card RISE Card SMART Card 12-24 Month Lease Fractional Ownership
Hours Per Year 15 – 60 30 – 120 5 – 15 90 – 225 150+
Ideal For Specific Aircraft Type Maximized Flexibility Pay As You Go Monthly Payments Specific Serial No.
Key Difference Entry Level No Interchange Rates No Large Investment
Terms Hours Never Expire Deposit Never Expires N/A 12-24 Months 24-60 Months
No Repositioning Fees          
Fleet Access          
Tax Advantages  
Interchange Aircraft          
No Interchange Rates    
Notice Time 10 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours
Peak Days 15 15 15 15 0

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