At NICHOLAS AIR, our Members' safety is our top priority. COVID-19 Response

Private Jet Services, Private Jet Cards, & Jet Lease

At NICHOLAS AIR, we distinguish ourselves by providing the most innovative, efficient, and flexible private air travel programs for a refined group of Members. From door to door, our Members experience hassle-free and highly personalized private air travel. The passion, experience, and dedication of our staff is proven through a 98% renewal rate as we not only meet but exceed Member expectations.
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Private Jet Service Programs

Jet Card

15 to 100 Hours

We offer three Jet Card Membership options for those who prefer a minimum upfront investment with access to the entire fleet.

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Two couples enjoying a private flight for a weekend getaway.

Jet Lease

100 to 200 Hours

The Jet Lease Program is ideal for more frequent fliers who travel over 100 hours per year, offering a monthly payment system without the upfront financial commitment of an asset.

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Jet Shares

100 to 300 Hours

Jet Shares, or Fractional Jet Ownership, offers greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost without the hassles of whole aircraft ownership.

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Businessman boarding a private jet.

Aircraft Management

200+ Hours

Aircraft Management is right for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of whole aircraft ownership or private jet ownership without the hassles of complex flight operations and regulatory compliance.

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Father carrying his daughter to a private jet for a trip.

Meet The Fleet

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Phenom 100

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Citation Latitude

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Challenger 300

Our Planes. Our Pilots.

“When it comes to our private air travel needs, we love Nicholas Air…”

– Nicole Kidman, Actress

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COVID-19 Response Plan

NICHOLAS AIR has taken precautions with its fleet unlike any other brand in this industry to ensure the safety of our passengers, our crew, and our aircraft. Those precautions, aimed at creating a safe space for Members to enjoy their private travel worry-free and in comfort, are carried out multiple times each day by our hangar staff, aircraft detailing staff, and our crewmembers. The result is an airplane that is clean, sanitized, and ready for your enjoyment. For over 2 decades, we have remained devoted to providing the highest quality aircraft, the best service experience, and the ultimate in passenger safety. That mission has been our focus since day 1, is our focus now, and will always be our top priority.